Equator- Dec. 25th

Today we went to the Equator. We thought it would be a special thing to do on Christmas Day.

First we visited the government site to see what was once thought to be the Equator. This had many gift shops and museums. A tall building was built directly through the painted yellow line.


Equator gov't site line 4.png
The government monument (not really the equator)


We also visited the real Equator. That was the highlight. We walked through a path that lead to the beginning of the tour.

Here are some experiments and facts we learned:

1. The shrunken heads:
The last time a head was shrunk was in the 1980’s. An Amazon tribe did this because they believed that if their lips and nose were sown together their their spirits would stay with them. It was an honour. The proses they followed was to cut off the head, then take the scull out, next boil it and last stuff it with a wooden ball and sew the lips and nose.


Equator shrunken head.png
A real shrunken human head


2. The Coriolis Effect with Balancing an Egg:
This experiment was quite fun. Imagine trying to balance an egg on a nail, hard right? But, apparently on the Equator it is easier. We all could balance the egg after a few tries.


Equator rachel egg.png
Balancing the egg on the Equator

Rach egg.png


3. The Coriolis Effect with Water:
Have you ever wondered why water drains in a certain direction? Well, on the south side of the Equador the water goes down clockwise, on the north counter, and on the Equador it drains staight down. This is the Coriolis effect.


Coriolis effect


Great way to spend the last day of our trip. Merry Christmas!


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