Otavalo Market

Today we went to the Otavalo Market. It is the largest market in South America. Although it was a long ride, it was definitely worth it.

aerial view.jpg
The tourist section of the market


We took a 20 min taxi ride to the bus terminal, then a two hour bus ride on top of that. It was quite the drive for Mum because she was sitting on the wrong side (the cliff side). What really got her were the sheer cliffs and at times NO guard rails, but she kept her eyes closed through most of it.  The cliffs were not a surprise. After all we were driving through the Andes.

Line for bus tickets to Otavalo

When we arrived we got directions to the market and it turned out to only be about 3 blocks away. We arrived and realized how big it really was. In the six hours we were there we couldn’t get around to all the 100’s of stalls.

Local section showing traditional clothing

There was a local and a tourist section, although, locals were everywhere. There were not many tourists. I felt sad to see the poor people bagging for food and money. They weren’t very pushy though.

We then went out for lunch and talked about what we saw and the prices. It was hard to know the best price because even though some vendors would bargain, we were only looking at this point. The lunch was only  $2.50 US pp. That included soup with popcorn (a popular meal in Ecuador), chicken, rice, beans, fries, veggie medley, and a make your own salad.

Soup with popcorn for lunch


I ended up with getting a soft alpaca blanket for only $10 US. That was a deal! We had time to kill so we just wandered around looking at different things.


My soft alpaca blanket



We eventually made our way back to the bus terminal with what seemed like hundreds of bags. The ride back was not so bad because Mum was sitting on the inside plus this bus seemed more safe.

It was not even 9:00 pm and I was tired. I think it was pretty special to go to such a neat place.


2 thoughts on “Otavalo Market

  1. I LOVE your blanket. The colours are really pretty.
    Sounds like you were laden down with quite a few items. You will need extra suitcases for all your purchases!!


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