Gondola, View of Quito – Dec. 19th

Going on this gondola has been on the “To Do” list since we left for Belize, and it finally happened. Dad, Anna, Alex, and I took a taxi partway up Volcan Pichincha. From here we got the tickets and took the six person cable car to the top, Cruz Loma, with an altitude of 4053m.

The ride had an amazing view overlooking the whole city. It took about 20 minutes to get to the peek. At the top we explored, taking a small trail to an even higher look off. Even though it was cloudy you could make out the volcanoes that surrounded Quito.  From here we could see horses and llamas in the hills below. When we took the short trail, I was out of breath because of the higher elevation.

We made our way back to the cable car as we had a 20 min ride ahead of us. We found a taxi and drove back to our apartment to share all the fun with Mum.




View of Quito and volcanoes surrounding it




Trail to lookout point



On the way down



3 thoughts on “Gondola, View of Quito – Dec. 19th

  1. Wow Rachel,
    That is really cool. I love gondola rides (unlike your momma).
    The view is pretty fantastic from there. It must have been a little cooler at that elevation as well.
    Love ya!
    Auntie Karen


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