Galaxy II First Class Cruise – Day 1, Santa Cruz

Boarding Day! All five of us (especially Rachel, Anna and Alex) were jumping out of our socks, we were so excited. The day started off with an early morning ferry ride from Isabela island to Santa Cruz island, as the cruise ship left from Santa Cruz. Once we arrived we took all of our luggage to Galápagos Best Options – the tour company we booked with to get our last minute deal on a three night, four day cruise on the luxurious Galaxy II. We had been to the Galápagos Best Options tour company office so many times it was starting to feel like a new home.

Then breakfast time. We stopped at a restaurant overlooking the water to have some eggs, hash browns and bacon. Yum. We stayed here for a couple of hours trying to upload blog posts, but didn’t succeed because all Wi-Fi in the Galápagos is sooo slow. 11:00 a.m. hit faster than ever and it was time to head back to Galápagos Best Options to grab our luggage and wait for Eddie (one of the owners) to take us down to the pier along with a few other boatmates. Here we met two very special people, Mark and Martina. Mark and Martina are a young Swiss couple who we hung around with most of the time during the cruise. We would have all three meals with them everyday onboard. We already miss them. Two dinghies were waiting for us at the pier to take us out for a quick ride to our boat.

The Galaxy II

The boat is very luxurious and we were all in awe when we arrived. We started off with a delicious lunch that consisted of soup, beef bourguignon, cooked vegetables, and salad. One thing about this boat is that the food is excellent! We had an hour or so after lunch to get settled in.


Nothing but first class for us!




Noses ever so slightly pointed upward


Two cabins, this one for Mum and Dad, another fore the kids – Nice!



Then back to Santa Cruz for the Charles Darwin Research Station. Charles Darwin was the man who developed the theory of evolution. The purpose of the Charles Darwin Research Station is to preserve the island’s native species and to eliminate foreign species. Here we saw giant tortoises and many different types of iguanas. We didn’t get to see much of the Research Station because 70% of it was closed and under renovation.



Galapagos (saddle) Tortoise


60% of researchers are foreigners



After, we had one hour of free time in Puerto Ayora (the main town on Santa Cruz) to explore the town – not a highlight because we had already been in Santa Cruz for three days, so we used this time for blogging. Again not much luck due to internet problems.

Back to the ship for a shower and welcome drinks (don’t worry Rachel, Anna and Alex’s were non alcoholic). Then yet another delicious meal where everyone got to know each other a bit better – there was a total of 16 passengers, including us, on board. It was a relaxing night. Then off to bed. Not fun for Alex because once we started motoring; she felt seasick. She was awake until 1.00 a.m, when we stopped motoring. That wasn’t fun. Luckily she had enough energy for the next day.


crew welcome drink.png
Crew in uniform, once


One thought on “Galaxy II First Class Cruise – Day 1, Santa Cruz

  1. I love the boat. It looks really ritzy!
    The food sounds pretty good too. I think the next time Uncle Cam and I go to the Galapagos (and we will be going again after reading about some of the adventures we missed) we will definitely do a last minute cruise. It looks like a pretty good way to travel 🙂


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