Los Kioskos

We have been to Los Kioskos a few times. Imagine a narrow side street lined with tin-roofed restaurants on both sides. Each night they put out tables in the street and create a restaurant row of sorts. Each place is very similar and they are all trying to get you to eat at their restaurant. The big attraction is the fresh fish and lobster they have sitting out in front to show you the menu of the day. Prices range from $5-$15 per person. This is a cheaper alternative to eating at the main restaurants that are closer to the water on Abenida Charles Darwin.  A combination of grilled chicken, rice, beans, fried plantains, salad, fresh juice and beer totalled $37 USD. We ended up eating here three times. This was a great way to have a yummy meal without spending to much.


Chicken, rice, and beans for super


Hair dryer used to get coles hot

The content of this post is mainly from Mum and Dad’s blog.



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