Las Grietas

IMG_3962.JPGThe trail to Las Grietas was fairly smooth. It only took us about 20 mins. Anna and I walked ahead to try to get to our swimming spot first. There was a look off at the top with a nice view. We walked down the steep steps to see an amazing grotto that seemed to go on forever. Water filled it making an amazing swimming spot.

We were told to take our snorkeling gear and we were glad we did. A wharf was situated off to the side which all of us eventually jumped off. We all swam about 60m until we reached some rocks. Dad, Alex, and I climbed over the slippery rocks and made it to another pool. We stayed floating on the top avoiding rocks.


Lava tunnel


People told us there was a lava tunnel we would be able to swim though. That meant swimming under water through a lava formation to get to the other side. It seemed like a long tunnel but luckily there was a rock to push off. It looked intimidating but it was not as hard as it looked. The other side was not as pretty but it was cool that we got to swim through the lava tunnel.

On the way back we had to swim through the lava tunnel again, this time without a rock to push off. For me it was not so smooth. I was under water and started to float to the top, that meant scraping along the rocks and finally making it to the other side. It did not feel very good but I think it was worth it.


Anna jumping

Going back the same way we climbed over the rocks and slowly swam into the water. I was quite cold now as the water wasn’t warmed by the sun. Anna had a couple last jumps and then we packed up for the walk home. This was a great and adventurous way to cool off.


IMG_3966.JPGOn the way back we stopped at the Allemande Beach. Anna being the fish she is, was the first and only one to go in.

The water taxi back only took about 2 mins (it was just across the harbor).  Next, Planet House and finished off the day at Los Kioskos (see next post).

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