Pinzon and La Fe, Snorkeling

Us in our rain capes and Anna asleep

We were traveling on a boat with five other passengers. My family made the wrong decision to sit on the splashed side, which meant we had to wear hooded rain capes. It felt like a very long ride but it was worth it.

Sugar Bread Rock


Sea lions in cliffs


We could see something in the distance and it ended up being our first stop. This was Sugar Bread Rock. This lava rock was very tall, going up so high it was hard to see the top. We stayed on the boat and putted around to see all the animals. Some that we saw were blue boobies, mask bobbies (now known as naska boobies), and sea lions nestled high in the cliffs.

Channel at Pinzon

Pinzon is an uninhabited island not far from Sugar Bread Rock. This was where we would snorkel. The water was so cold it felt like ice. I wanted to get out but I was told we would see some amazing things. We saw many types of fish including huge parrot fish, king angel fish, and schools of blue tang. Sharks would just lay on the ground blending into the background. It was very cool to swim with white tipped sharks.

As we entered a channel something came up for a breath… It was a sea lion. Now more and more sea lions were appearing. We were lucky enough to see 2 week old pups! They made the most amazing noises as if they were babies crying.

Turtle Side.png
Green Turtle

On the way to our boat we saw a couple of green turtles that were quite large and had some very cool barnacles. Although there were so many things to see I was ready to get out of the water. Everyone headed back and you guessed it I was the first one out of the water.

Hot chocolate was poured and I was so grateful, but I couldn’t hold it because I was shaking so much. Next, pastries. They were so good.

Then was the turtle snorkel which I bowed out of because I was still freezing.

One of the many iguanas

La Fe was on our way home. This was only a walk. La Fe is made out of volcanic rock formed by one of the five volcanos that made the Galapagos Islands. Over 100 iguanas were hidden in the rocks. We walked over the rocks and took lots of pictures of all the marine life.

Sea lion in the sun
Young blue footed booby (you can tell by the shade of blue)

Sea lions were mostly swimming but one was on land. I managed to get a pic without stepping on an iguana but it was hard. Also blue footed boobies and mask boobies were resting at the water’s edge.


On our way home we took the side that logically would not get splashed but we were proved wrong. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

2 thoughts on “Pinzon and La Fe, Snorkeling

  1. Wow Rachel. What a great day. You saw so many neat things.
    One of my very favorite things about the Galapagos was swimming with the sea lions. The babies would come right up to you but the big male sea lions were very protective and we were very careful not to put our hands out or get too close.
    You are taking some great photos too!!


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