Sun Creek Lodge

Driving down the curvy road was starting to get annoying. We were all stiff and were ready to get out when Dad spotted the small sign. “Sun Creek Lodge” was printed in bold letters. That was our signal. It was a far more bumpy road than we expected and we were wondering if we had taken a wrong turn.  As we kept driving,  the road got even worse. But in the distance we could see one small villa/cabana and that kept us going. Finally, we made it to the top and parked. The owner saw us and ran down to meet us. He quickly got the key and showed us right to our cabana. Although the path was quite muddy and I was wearing flip-flops, we would be able to find a way around that.

“Driveway” to Sun Creek Lodge


Sun Creek Lodge 2.JPG
Our cabana – Parrot Cabana


Sun Creek Lodge  3.JPG
Sun Creek Lodge – our deck and the grounds

We arrived at the deck and took off our muddy shoes at the steps. It was so neat!  We opened the door to see three beds laying in the corners with mosquito nets hanging from above. Only two lights were turned on and it gave a very cozy feeling.  He showed us to the bathroom which was situated through a door that led outside. Under a small palapa roof was a toilet and sink. The outside shower had three walls all made from palm branches.

Sun Creek Lodge 4.JPG
Inside Parrot Cabana – ceiling to left is bay leaf palm; ceiling to right is cohune palm


Outside bathroom – sink on the right, toilet on the left


Sun Creek Lodge 7.JPG
Sun Creek Lodge- outside shower



The owners of Sun Creek were very welcoming. Marisa even made cake! We also had a chance to chat with the owners’ 16 year old daughter that evening. She had no school the following day because teachers have the last Friday off every month so they can pick up their pay. She mentioned that sometimes they have the Thursday off as well.

After sleeping on hard beds, it was time to eat an early morning breakfast. Our  fresh fruit came first.  Then we were treated with scrambled eggs and a bean dish. When we were starting to get full, then arrived our basket of jacks! Jacks are a dough that is deep fried; they were served with guava jam. They were delicious!

This jungle cabana for $120 US (including breakfast) was the cheapest we could find unless we shared a bathroom and/ or a bunk. We were quite happy with our find, but did not spend the money for a second night. We were a little rushed to get out the door for our day, but we were very glad to have had such an amazing experience.


This post was a family effort with Rachel as lead writer. The three posts that follow this will also be a family effort so if you happen to be following all our blogs, these posts will be identical.

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