Ixcacao Maya Chocolate – Jungle Farm Walk

What a great tour for all of us. Juan took us on a tour of his family farm; we smelled and tasted everything all the while hearing his philosophy on organic farming, mixed farming, and sustainable farming. His delivery was both informative and engaging. Alex was quite surprised she enjoyed it so much.

Ixcacao-cacao transplants.JPG
Cacao transplants
Ixcacao-Cacao pod 1.JPG
Cacao pod
Ixcacao-Cacao pod 4.JPG
Mature cacao pod
Ixcacao-Sugarcane 1.JPG
Juan cuts sugarcane
Ixcacao-Sugarcane 2.JPG
Peeling the sugarcane for us to taste. Yum, sweet and juicy.
Ixcacao-Plantain 1.JPG
Ixcacao-Pineapple 1.JPG
Pineapple ready for picking!
Tasting the bay leaf palm – soft, mild, slightly rubbery


Ixcacao-Ginger 3.JPG
Ginger, Graham needs this for his cold
Turmeric – bright tangerine
Ixcacao-Tumeric tongue.JPG
Anna’s turmeric tongue
Ixcacao-Curry 2.JPG
Ixcacao-Taro 2.JPG
Mature taro
Ixcacao- Lemon grass.JPG
Lemon grass, freshly cut for tea that night

Juan and his family farm are a true success. He travels to universities throughout North America  (Harvard, Brown, University of Toronto, University of Texas, University of Florida…) sharing his philosophy, experience, and expertise.

The only drag were the ant bites. They hurt! Later they would itch and swell (for a couple days). Doses of antihistamines and Polysporin for all but Alex, who didn’t get bitten.


This post was a family effort with Tina as the lead writer. The next two posts will also be a joint effort so if you are following all our blogs, they will be identical.

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