Independence-Nov. 21st

It was 9:30 in the morning and we thought it would be a good time to start our way to the village of Independence. We were going to Independence to pay for our copy of the police report. That’s what the Placencia police told us to do.


Hokey Pokey Water Taxi in Independence


We took the rowboat across the canal and walked to where we would meet the Hokey Pokey water taxi.  As we climbed into the boat, we sat down taking up two of the rows. About two minutes later, we motored away. It only took about 10 minutes to get to Independence, our destination.


In Independence we took a taxi to the Mango Creek Police Station. The police station was very run down, and wasn’t very clean. We were waiting for about five minutes until someone told us where to go. We made our way up cement stairs to an old workout room for the police officers. We could see an office around the corner. The lady was very slow and didn’t say hi when we entered the office. She wrote a receipt for our police report.


“Restaurant” across from police station


The next boat was leaving soon, and I was ready to leave this dump! A man showed us across the street to a restaurant so we could call a taxi. We were getting hungry so we ordered two chicken, rice, and beans to go.

The boat on the way back wasn’t as fast. That was ok because I got to sit in the front row and could see all the mangrove waterways.

Dad brought the receipt to the police station in Placencia. After a lot of talking with an officer there, he still would not give us a copy of the police report. So, there was no reason to go over to Independence. Also, the money we had paid for the Hokey Pokey water taxi, and the car taxi, plus the money for the receipt was all for nothing.

I guess it was the experience. What a day!

3 thoughts on “Independence-Nov. 21st

  1. You don’t have the best of luck when it comes to theft!
    Although there was a cost to the day, it was almost like an expedition or tour. You saw things (like the jail) that other visitors/tourists would never have the chance to see. So cool!


  2. dosen’t look very nice!you guys don’t have good luck being in nice conditioned buiildings. First Howler Monkey hotel in CR now this!lol miss you (33 days) 🙂


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