Mayan Ruins-Nov. 14

We were on our way to the Ruins and Mum decided it was time for a history lesson. After all, they were made in 800 AD (1200 years old). We finished looking at the visitors center and made our way up the hill to see some action.



Xunantunich is the name of the ruins. It has 6 plazas and more than 25 temples, but they have not all been excavated. The biggest palace is called El Castillo (The Castle) – it is 133 ft. tall and there were no guard rails. It looked really fun to climb but who knew it was gonna be scary, no one. So, we started to climb. Not even 1/3 of the way up we stopped to look down. It was so far down Mum and Alex couldn’t look.

We kept climbing and we made it to a platform. Some guy at the platform wanted his picture on the palace, so we offered to take one. He climbed up a little higher so we could get the sky in it. When he got down he asked if we wanted a picture. That meant to climb higher but I was determined. He acted like he was a professional photographer.

Eventually we made our way to the top using an inside staircase for only part of the way. The view was incredible and Mum and Alex were terrified. We all sat at the top looking down and could see Guatemala.


It was time to go back down staying low of course. At the bottom Mum made the comment, “Good thing you were careful, or you could have been done”.


We all walked along a trail and came across two walls that were slanted with a ring attached to it. The game (pok-ta-pok) was played by trying to put a rubber ball (made from the rubber tree), about the size of a basketball into the ring without using your hands or feet and keeping it off the ground. Sometimes the losers would be killed as a sacrifice to the gods. Sometimes people played this game for fun, and if you won you would be recognized as a hero.

We had so much fun but unfortunately it was time to go home. I will always enjoy these adventures. What a day!



6 thoughts on “Mayan Ruins-Nov. 14

  1. That was a great account of your day Rachel! That climb up must have been cool but going down would have been terrifying for your mom! If Andre had been there they could have held hands! Hahaha! Thanks for the interesting updates 😊 Xoxoxo


  2. Rachel,
    This is such a cool site. It looks like there is no people around and you have it all to yourselves. Glad you made it down safely

    Love Aunt Carla


  3. That looks awesome!!!!!I would have loved to climb that too!! Seems like your having a ton of fun!!!Enjoy!Missing you!!!!!!!!!Love Ella
    P.S.We won are basketball game against the gators but we also needed to players to come over and it was Brianna and emilee. All are other games we have lost:(


  4. Reminds me of that terrifying car ride that your mom had in Costa Rica. haha

    You want to be a good pok-ta-pok player. The consequence for losing is NOT a good one 😦


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