A Day with the Fish-Nov. 12th


It was 6:00 in the morning and my eyes would not stay open. (I’m not a morning person). I was very excited because we were going on a snorkeling and fishing trip with a friendly local, Francis.

He picked us up by boat in the little canal right outside our condo. Our parents’ friends, Susie and Pat, lent us their condo for the month. They came down to visit us for the first week and are leaving on the 15th. They came on the boat with us.

Anyway, we took a Panga boat and anchored for a snorkel. We saw a couple sting rays and some really cool fish. We made 3 snorkel stops and they got better every time. Every time we stopped Francis would go spear fishing and if we wanted we could tag along.

We started to get hungry so we made our way to another island owned by Francis’s cousin. We had lobster, crab, Spanish mackerel, jacks and rice cooked over the fire for lunch. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0338.

We ate on the boat and started to head back to our place when someone spotted something in the water… It was a turtle! He came right out of the water  and dove back in like a dolphin. That was pretty cool. But to top it all off we turned into the canal and saw a big iguana sitting in the tree and we motored right up to it and caught it on video.

Can you spot the Iguana?

We hopped of the boat and jumped right into the pool to get all the salt water off. It was a great day but I was ready to go to bed.

5 thoughts on “A Day with the Fish-Nov. 12th

  1. Cool day!
    That seafood looks awesome. Wish I was there!
    I love the iguanas. There are hundreds of them all over the Galapagos too. They are marine iguanas and they are a lot smaller but they run along the beach REALLY fast.
    Love ya,
    Aunt Karen


  2. Hi Rachel,
    Great pictures of your trip so far. Wow.., only 3 days in and your having such an amazing time. Looking forward to reading all about your daily adventures. Glad you finally got you bags

    Love to all,
    Aunt Carla


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