Welcome to Belize – Nov. 7-8


After a long and exciting morning it was time to leave for the airport. The drive to the airport seemed faster than ever. When we boarded the plane we started to realize we were really going to Belize. We had two boring flights the first day overnighted in Houston and one the next all of witch I slept on. I was very happy that the lady I sat beside moved to the back so I could have both seats to sleep on.

Anyway, we landed in Belize and I could barely stay still but not everything went as expected. First of all we went through customs witch had a very long line. Next we went to luggage claim. All but two of our bags were there. We thought their could be a chance that someone had stolen our bags. After talking to a worker they said our bags were still in Houston, they somehow didn’t get on the plane so it would not be arriving till tomorrow. there was nothing we could do so we crossed the parking lot to the car rental. It was soooo hot and we had to wait for a while for service. We eventually climbed into the air conditioned car and off we went.

The scenery was amazing through Hummingbird Highway and made the long 3-hour drive a tiny bit shorter. As we got close to the village I was sitting on the edge of my seat cause I was so excited. By the time we arrived it was 5:30 p.m. and already dark. Our place was very nice, on a little island with a canal separating it. But the best part was the pool. It would never be to late to go swimming so we hopped in the pool.

There were a few bumps along the way but in the end a swim can fix pretty well anything.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Belize – Nov. 7-8

  1. Lucky you, two seats to yourself on the plane! Sounds like you all needed that swim after a long journey! I love the picture. The sky is so blue and the palm trees are so tall! Can’t wait to read about your next adventure!


  2. Hi Rachel,
    So glad you all made it safe and sound. Did you get your two bags? Sam and I are taking Maisie for a walk every day. She loves Sam. He plays with her a lot. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Keep us posted. Give a hug and kiss to everyone for us. Love you.


  3. Hi Rachel,
    Your place looks amazing!!
    I would think that rooftop area might have a nice breeze. I bet you are all in the pool every single day. Lucky!!
    Love to all of you 🙂


  4. Hey Rach,
    hope your having fun so glad your safe and sound in Belize. Hows the pool?Enjoy!!! Say hi to the rest of the fam for me!!!!! Love Ella

    P.S. Never to late for a swim
    P.P.S. Hope your hotel isn’t as bad as the howler monkey one in Costa Rica!!!


  5. Hi aunt Dena,
    We did get our bags after a couple of days but then we realized a few things were missing when they arrived. We have everything we need but are missing some stuff that would have been nice to have.


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